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Ryan & Mel

Married October 2012

"I knew Marissa way before she opened her business, over 7 years ago. She said that she was determined to find me a wife. She convinced me to go on a blind date, stating, 'You have to meet this girl!' Now, I'm not a fan of blind dates, but I trust her judgement and style. Fast forward to today, I ended up marrying that beautiful soul that I had met on a blind date and we have a beautiful 4 year old son together. Thanks Marissa, you know I always recommend you girl!" -Ryan, 37

Dave & Amanda

"Never in a million years did I think at this stage in my life, that I would need assistance in finding a special someone. But with the amount of work that I do, I really didn't have time to handle this myself. After a couple of self exhausted attempts, I decided to contact a professional. I'm glad that I did. Marissa is great. She is warm, kind, friendly and honest. Thank you for sending Amanda to me. I can't remember the last time that I was this happy. Even the guys at work catch me whistling. They bust my chops and say 'look at Dave, talk about in love!' Thanks again Marissa. Great work!" -Dave, 54

Lisa, Member

"I'm not sure if I've ever met someone that takes her business so seriously. On the evening of my introduction, Marissa not only helped me pick out the perfect outfit to wear for meeting her client, but she even styled my hair!! She totally gets what men are looking for. She also made me "retire" some non-fashionable pieces in my closet and helped bring out my best features. Just in that 2 hour span I felt like a new woman. " -Lisa, 38

Tiffany, Coaching Client

"As a 42 year old successful African-American woman living in NYC, I had given up hope for a husband and children, that is until I met Marissa at an event. She was really easy to talk to. It was refreshing to meet someone, who not only listened, but understood where I was coming from and assured me that I was not going to be alone forever. With 1 coaching session, I felt energized and ready to re-focus. She was honest with me, at times maybe too honest, but had reasons to back up her suggestions. I feel really positive about the future. I think I was slipping into a depression. I don't know, whatever it was, Marissa pulled me out of it!" -Tiffany, 42


"I didn't like the fact that Mrs. Ventura didn't have a phone number on her website, but I decided to contact her anyway. I filled out the form on her website and she got back to me within 2 hours. She was very sweet and took her time to answer all of my questions. She wasn't a "saleswoman" or pushy with me. I've never used a Matchmaker before. After a generous 45 minute phone consultation, I scheduled an in-person consultation and I hired her on the spot. Clearly she is not in this entirely for the money. She cares a great deal. I felt comfortable with her. It was almost like I had known her for years. I am dating a woman now for 4 months, that I had met through Mrs. Ventura and I am following her advice and wisdom. I look forward to seeing where this relationship will bring me. I feel very optimistic. Warning, she may be very honest at times, be prepared!" -Timothy, 44

Reginald & Cee Cee

"I trusted in the process from the initial consultation. You and I were on the same page and maybe that's why we were successful. Thank you for your patience and making me laugh when I had those difficult days. I'm very grateful that you were my matchmaker and happy to now have you as a friend. You have exceeded my expectations and I look forward to sending you an invitation to our wedding one day. But Shhhh, I didn't pop the question yet! I may call you for some ideas." -Reginald, 51

Nicole, Newlywed

"I can't believe that I am friggin' married!!!!! Love you!!" If you don't come visit me the next time you're in Staten Island, I'm going to be pissed!-Nicole, 34



I'm sending this via email, you know me! Just wanted to thank you for putting up with me and showing me a different side to myself that I didn't know existed. I'll never forget how you called me 'too cocky' on our first consultation. Yea, you were right, I can now finally admit. I really appreciated the women that you introduced me to. Now I enjoy the company of a quality woman instead of, well, you know the rest! Keep up the great job and I will be in touch! -Gregg, 43

Yelena, Member

"Everyone thinks that it should be easy to meet guys, being a model and living in NYC. Well, it's not! I have a tendency to meet all of the wrong ones and it gets very frustrating. I turned to Marissa Ventura with the hopes of meeting some quality guys. It's good to see that there are still some great guys out there that know how to treat a lady. So happy to have made this connection." -Yelena, 29

More testimonials coming soon!

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