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NJ Matchmaker, NYC Matchmaker

Become a Member

Investment: $29.99

There is no better way to meet quality singles these days. Our singles have been screened and verified. By becoming a member, you will receive your very own personal, confidential profile, in which you can access at any time, a phone consultation with Marissa Ventura and the opportunity to meet and date one of her clients.

NJ Matchmaking, NYC Matchmaking

Dating Profile Assessment 

Investment:  $75

This is a MUST if you are dating online or ready to get started to try online dating.  Once you have completed your online dating profile on the dating website of your choice, we always recommend Match or EHarmony, we will then assess your dating profile to ensure that you will attract the type of people you desire.  You will receive the best dating profile tips & tricks in the industry, photo review, learn how to send/respond to emails and capture the attention of members, allowing you to be successful.  We have seen so many singles dating online for way too long, with little success.  The time frame for online dating should be  up to 3 months, 6 months max.  If you have been online dating for longer that that, then sign up for this service.  It's time to get results!

NJ Matchmaking, NYC Matchmaking


Investment: $150 In-person

Today's dating challenges, there seems to be many. Even with all of the self-help reading material, endless relationship articles and thousands of pieces of advice, you still ask yourself, 'Why the hell am I still single?'

For some, being single over a long period of time can be frustrating, cause anxiety and makes you think that there is something wrong with you. I will tell you right now, you are not alone. We want to offer solutions to your challenges, solutions that can be put into action that will lead to the results that you want. Your success in achieving your goals is super important to us. You will walk away from this consultation feeling positive, energized and ready to realistically focus, we promise! 

NJ Matchmaker, NYC Matchmaker

Online Matchmaking

Investment: $350 per month

Whatever you do, do not go at this alone!  You need a professional to guide you along to get the results that you want.

Welcome to the world of online dating, also known as "The Judgment Zone." Sounds harsh doesn't it? If you are single, chances are, you currently have a profile up on one of the many dating sites.

With over 20 million singles online searching for love everyday, you can't afford to make the wrong first impression. Your online profile is your personal advertisement where you only have milliseconds to grab someone's attention.

This is a must-have service for those that are dating online or ready to start. We will fuel your dating profile will quality, eye-catching content, send/respond to emails and target your desired audience. Lets kick up your game a notch and get you out on some dates! 

NJ Matchmaker, NYC Matchmaker

Personal Matchmaking

 Investment: $2500-$5000

Our goal is to get you matched and into a relationship as soon as possible. After all, it is why you are hiring us! Our Matchmaking package is structured to ensure success. This is a service like no other, one that we are so extremely passionate & excited about! For the fine individuals who are about to give up on love, lost in a dating limbo, not sure how & where to meet quality people or have limited time, this luxury service is for you. We offer the most reasonable prices in the entire NJ/NYC area.