Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

1. What is a Matchmaker?

A Matchmaker helps people find Love by bringing people together who may otherwise never meet, in the hopes of arranging a compatible, long term relationship or marriage

2. What are the main reasons why people hire a Matchmaker?

There are many reasons why people turn to us in the search to find their significant other. Here are a few:

• Workaholics

• Dating after a divorce

• Dating after a loss of a spouse

• Tendency to make unwise partner choices

• Limited access to potential partners

• Unrealistic expectations

• Choosing unavailable partners

• Not feeling comfortable on their own with online dating

3. How can Marissa Ventura help me find my Soul Mate?

We armed with all the necessary resources. We have an extensive database that consists of singles looking to meet someone fantastic and a team of recruiters who are always signing on new members. If needed, we will help you shift outmoded or unproductive thinking patterns to the path of success in Love. We want to understand your past and how it is affecting you current dating situation. And throughout this process, guide and support you the whole way with an incredibly, positive experience! 

4. When I sign up, how soon can I be sent out on my first date?

It depends on the individual. If we feel that we have potential matches for you in our database, we can set up an introduction as soon as one week. If we feel the need to hold an executive search, we can make a quality introduction within a month. We don’t like to rush the process to ensure the deliverance of compatible matches, nor do we let the time frame of an introduction exceed one month.

5. What is your typical male Client like?

We are crazy about our male clients and we love representing them! We truly work with some really great guys. The client that hires us is a professional, active, and commitment-minded individual who is seeking a lifelong partner to share life’s pleasures with. Typically, the average age is 28-60+.

6. What is your typical female Client like?

Our ladies are so tired of the bar scene and have no idea where to meet quality men these days. The women that we work with are confident, sexy, classy, and active. She is looking for a long term commitment that can possibly lead to marriage.  She hasn't given up on finding love yet!  Typically, the average age is 25-60+.

7. What happens if I hire you and a month later I end up meeting someone on my own?

We allow our clients to freeze their contract. This means, if, after 4 months it did not work out with the woman that you had met on your own, we will reactivate your account and continue with the remaining length of time. Our goal is your happiness and we strive to make this process as easy as possible!

8. Will I come across as "desperate" if I use a Matchmaker?

NO! Definitely not. In fact, quite the contrary. The women that we introduce to our clients are impressed with the fact that they hired a professional, classy service like ours. It's a luxurious service. Believe it or not, this type of service actually excites the ladies!

9. Privacy is a big issue for me. How would you respect my privacy, and at the same time, find me a match?

We pride ourselves on keeping your personal information private. That's what we stand for.

10. How much does your service cost?

Everyone has different needs and circumstances. Because of this, we tailor each Matchmaking contract and fee upon each individual, ranging from $2500- $5000, the most reasonable investment fee's in the entire tri-state area. Instead of a "1 price for all", we really consider your needs and what would be best for you. Our goal, always, is your success.  We also offer other services, such as Online Matchmaking & Membership, that will ensure successful matching. Please see our services page for pricing.

11. Do you show photos?

We do offer a package that shows photos.

12. What type of payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover card