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You are successful in all areas of your life, except for one, your love life.

Beautiful people come in and out of your life, yet it is challenging to establish a meaningful connection. Or, you find yourself completely encumbered by your work, leaving minimum time to find that special someone.

This is when Matchmaker Marissa Ventura steps in and takes control of your love life.​

Matchmaking is categorized as one of the most personalized services offered. Marissa explains, “Men hire me to find their partner. This takes time, patience, understanding and a true passion for wanting to find love for my client. I get to know my clients on such a personal level that I am able to present to them only those who I feel are the perfect fit. It truly is an ultra- luxury service.”

"She's one bad-ass Matchmaker!"  -Paul W.

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Matchmaking is a $250 million business (part of the $1.50 billion total for the dating industry). And the numbers continue to grow by the year with more professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, celebrities and professional athletes searching for a more personal service that finds them what they are seeking.

In today’s world, people are used to hiring help when needed: personal organizers, personal trainers, personal shoppers and personal chefs. So when it comes to matters of the heart, it’s no wonder why more men & women are turning to extremely personalized services, such as matchmaking. After all, committing yourself to a partner for the rest of your life will be the biggest decision you will make.

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"Physical chemistry will get you there. Mental chemistry will keep you there. Bring more than beauty, intelligence is extremely sexy!" -Marissa Ventura

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Love is not complicated, nor is our process

Matchmaking in NJ, NYC, Matchmaker, singles,

Part 1. Consultation

Our first conversation will be learning all about you and by sharing specifics of what your ideal partner consists of. Together we will dig deep into numerous levels of understanding general likes/dislikes, along with the most attractive key factors that will result in a successful, lasting match, including, but not limited to, personality traits, appearance, goals and values.

Matchmaking, NJ, NYC, Matchmaker, meet singles, find love

Part 2. Matching

Once we have an in-depth knowledge of what you are looking for, we will then conduct in- person interviews with your potential matches, enabling us to present you with only those who are right for you, saving you an incredible amount of, your valuable, time.

Matchmaker, NJ, NYC, Matchmaking, find love, meet singles

We are Certified

1. We are recognized by an industry authority

2. We have been approved to be ethical

3. We provide clients with the highest standard of care

4. We are held accountable for the quality of service

5. We are reviewed and audited based on client feedback submissions

6. We are part of a network that provides the most updated information to keep up with the highest level of service

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Our commitment to our clients ensures success. We are an upscale, boutique style, Certified Matchmaking Service catering to the professional, sophisticated, commitment-minded individuals seeking an extraordinary relationship.

Our Client’s receive complete, personalized attention to all facets of finding the right partner; every single introduction has been thoroughly interviewed and has built a relationship with the founder of the company.

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Professional Matchmaking Services for New Jersey & New York City